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March 14th, 1984

500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

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Shortly after graduating from Virginia Union, she obtained her Masters degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in 2012. Denisha hit the ground running working within impoverished communities where she was able to see firsthand the disparity in mental health services that people of color were receiving. In June of 2016, she was licensed by Dr. Anthony Michael Chandler at Cedar St Baptist Church in Richmond, VA to preach the Gospel. Denisha uses her ministry to not only preach but to integrate clinical and spiritual implications in the work that she does.

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Raised in a single-parent home with three siblings, Denisha witnessed her mother grind to meet the needs of her children while sacrificing many of her own needs. Although her mother was constantly stretched, she always made sure that relationship with God and being a part of her church community remained first. With her educational background and passion for fostering healing in others, Denisha was led to create a space where spiritual and emotional healing were able to meet which birthed Healing Well Therapy, a holistic therapy practice in Richmond, VA.

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As a Somatic Therapist, Denisha employs a bottom-up approach to therapy as she is certified in somatic experiencing. You will often hear Denisha say “trauma is stored in the body and not in the event.” As a somatic therapist, she helps her clients come out of stuck survival responses of fight, flight, and freeze. This essentially teaches them ways to become more present and embodied, therefore encouraging them to experience newness of life and not a life based on trauma that happened years ago. 

Denisha is a highly sought-after holistic therapist, minister, workshop presenter, and clinical supervisor who is called to help adult survivors of trauma move from surviving to thriving.

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On any given weekend you can find Denisha at her favorite local brunch spot, laughing out loud and enjoying the presence of her husband and friends. Plant enthusiast, her sunroom is one step from being a boho garden.

is the practice of being in the present "Right Here, Right Now," and being aware of the emotional and physical sensations present.




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