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Denisha embodies this in her day to day work as she helps survivors of trauma move out of perpetual states of fight, flight and freeze response. From an early age, she has intuitively been able to connect, empower and empathize with the needs of others.

With a strong desire to understand more about how people behave, think and feel, Denisha pursued a degree in psychology from Virginia Union University. Attending the best and one of the most historic HBCU’s in the nation introduced her to a level of black excellence that further ignited her desire to pursue her dreams and goals which at one point felt unattainable. 

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Trauma Expert Denisha Smith, LPC, SEP is a Psychotherapist that supports the healing journeys of individuals by helping them move beyond the traumatic events that have them stuck. She employs the body in her work as she focuses on nervous system regulation to help her clients heal.

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Denisha is passionate about educating the community about the impacts of mental health. She is a highly sought workshop facilitator and panelist, who enjoys sharing her expertise on how trauma impacts the Mind & Body. Denisha served the VCU men's basketball team for 3 seasons as the team mental health therapist where she has created and implemented a comprehensive program to address mental health stigmas for the student athletes and coaches. Denishas' down to earth personality and witty humor make her easy to connect with, she has been told that she has a gift of making challenging concepts relatable to the average person. 

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Denisha is an approved session provider for Somatic Experiencing students. These sessions are counted toward the qualifications needed as students journey toward SEP certification. 

Denisha has been extensively trained in Somatic Experiencing ™(SE), which is a trauma modality that supports the gentle release of bound trauma energy from the nervous system. As a body based therapist, Denisha tracks nervous system patterning to assist in resolving symptoms of trauma. SE is effective for issues such as anxiety, hypervigilance, depression, ADD, disassociation, early attachment issues, chronic pain or tension, poor boundaries, body awareness to name a few. She is also trained in Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe) which focuses on healing attachment wounds that are often a result of relational traumas. Additionally, Denisha finds joy in helping those around her to recognize their true identity in Christ. In her work, she is not only influenced by the various advanced training that has received, but is most importantly directed by the Holy Spirit.


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