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Community Testimonial
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Denisha’s personality and genuine spirit are a true blessing to anyone she connects with. In an effort to promote mental stability, given all that we endured in 2020, I hosted a session and invited Denisha to be the guest facilitator. 


Denisha provided proven methods of coping during stressful situations. Techniques like grounding and self-touch were reviewing to ensure the participants could just take a step back when they were faced with overwhelming situations. 


The attendees were highly pleased with the information Denisha presented and I look forward to having her back for future sessions. 

Patyance Green
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Denisha Provided Proven Methods of Coping

With her passionate personality and notable skills: Denisha adds value and self-awareness to individuals and organizations with holistic methods that provides practical tools to embrace and enhance the quality of mental and emotional health for everyday living.


Reverend Phill Deal
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Denisha Adds Value

"Denisha is currently the Mental Health therapist for VCU men's basketball Team where she supports mental wellness within the basketball program, through the use of mindfulness, groups and psychoeducation."


VCU Rams Basketball Team
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Denisha Supports Mental Wellness
Therapy Testimonial

Denisha is the real deal. 

When I first met with her she welcomed me with open arms. 


The pressure to be “put together” I know I can leave at the door and sit on her couch as I am. No matter what that may look like the day of our session. 


Her openness to help me heal has truly changed my life. 

If you’re looking for a Black Female, Christian, Somatic Experiencing, and Certified Therapist . LOOK NO FURTHER! 


You won’t regret it. 


You’ll come in as a potential client and leave with a vital member to your healing support system. 

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Satisfied Client
Denisha's Healing is Life Changing
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When I met Denisha I was in a state of chaos meaning, I had become so disconnected from my body that my instinct and inclination towards God was thwarted. I felt mentally drained, physically exhausted and detached. I knew something was awry but I just kept saying, “I don’t know, what I don’t know; and this is why I am here.”


Denisha’s expertise in Somatic Experiencing helped me to identify again with my body, emotions and spirit. She not only ministered to my spirit, she explained how unchecked traumatic events became trapped in my body debilitating; and rendering me numb from the neck down. While my physical body was still in the battle every day, my mind, soul and spirit had become disconnected. Hence, hearing God’s voice was difficult and my instincts became dull.


Within 6 months my life has been transformed. After several sessions with Denisha, I began to understand on a deeper level – spirit, mind and body. Denisha’s level of professionalism and patient attention is exceptional. Today is the first day that I realized the real catalyst of my transformation. During each visit I was given undivided attention, love and compassion. I was welcomed with a smile, comforted with a cup of tea, encouraged by the watering of God’s word over my soul, strengthened with prayer and propelled forward by her warrior spirit. I am honored that our paths crossed and know that the Lord ordered my steps. I am grateful to Denisha for ushering me into the Promise Land.  Be blessed my Love, because you are!

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Satisfied Client


Denisha's Level of Professionalism is Unmatached
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